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Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates #2 ~

Ok ok I know I haven't post any of my updates since last week, 'coz got alot things to do beside gunpla too.

Unfortunately, I had to ditch my current project on Kannei Kampher for a while to give way for my favorite, Emperor Ryuubi !

As seen in my previous post, I had done spraying chrome silver on some of the armors, pictures below ~
Right dragon shoulder armor.

V-fin [big].

V-fin [small]. ^^"

Left dragon shoulder armor.

Armors after gives top coats onto it. Looks more flat now & more protection for the paints.

2nd batch cemented parts.

Comparison between modded arm & stock arm.

Only manage to make it do 90 degrees only.

Completed joints mod ! Sorry forgot to take WIP on the legs though...gomen ~~

Side view desu ~

Some silly action pose ^^"

Comparison between Ryomou Dijeh & Emperor Ryuubi. Same height !

Attached dragon armors on to it. Nice !

Ok, time to get busy on other things now. Ja nee ~



Anonymous said...

hi.. may i noe wat type of metalic chrome silver u using? do u mind tell me.. n oso d pilot gold extra fine pen u using.. where can i get it.. plz do reply me to my email beach_boyswhao@hotmail.com. i appreciate it a lot.. thx.

Ngee Khiong said...

Painted red for the mouth of the Dragon as well. Good good ^^ More details is always good :D

Evaritus Lau said...

Ahaha, bro noticed it already.^^"