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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updates ~

Finally done stripping off those annoying plate gold, in exchange, my gundam marker eraser just dried up because of rubbing those color off...what a waste, but what to do, I don't Mr. Thinner or any alcohol based liquid to do so.

Oh well, important is it was done. ^^

Black Dragon / Armor / ???. I was thinking, instead of gold, I want to add some color that really close to a chinese dragon, what ya all say ? Matt gold, light green, meta-green, meta-red & white with a pearlish finish. Would it look good like that ? Or I try the dragon's color like the picture below

Ok Dijeh is now standing with both its foot on. With a slight miscalculate on right leg's height, & done trimming it to match the same height, now he's ready to be paint. Although the movement is limited, better than stock of course. ^^"

Was trying to make it sit down, but that's mean another skirt mod had to do. So for now just did the lazy bum pose..LoLz. ^^"

Dijeh Punch ! Weird, it doesn't look like he was punching......don't know where I did wrong.

Still remember my long undone Kannei Kampher ? Finally he also going to be mod with simple joint movement, & a layer of translucent blue.

Yes, very simple mod, yet it's still limited movement. Haiz...

Oh well, I try to do it slowly as I'm now undergo some tutorial for photoshop & dreamweaver. Want to make this blog better ~

Edited: Manage to finish the left leg, so this is the result alongside with Ryomou Dijeh. Kannei Kampher pretty much small abit than Dijeh eh.



LUCIUS said...

nice dragon painting!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Dijeh is so so cute! Maybe it the way you pose it. Ha! Ha!

LEon said...

Wow you really strip the gold paint! It was the very gold paint that draw pple to buy this set of figure. Hope to see the final work.