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Saturday, January 18, 2014

When Bootleg goes BADASS overload.

Another build I was doing before the Bearsan.

So, 4 days has passed since I was warded for skin allergic (eeeuuuuu), so now, healthy & 80% healed, time to do some updates.

This time round, I'm working on the Geminass unit 2 from G-unit, scale 1/144 from Dragon Momoko.

As you could see, the improvement is by far, superior to the original ones (Not to mention, original kit nowaday for this particular kit quite hard to get on hand).

'nuff talk, let's do a quick view.

Rear view of Unit-2.

Front view of Unit-2.

Pointing out the selling point; that arm pose. It's going to be the major factor for it.

Swing PC joint + Ball connector = Pure win joint.

Oh boy this is so delicious build, gotta post up the updates again.

To be continued...


1 comment:

Death Mark said...

The kit's color separation of the parts look great!