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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Towards the end of 2013 ! The new Chapter for 2014

4.24pm, another 7 hours+ to the New Year, marks the ending for 2013.

Achievement so far; land a job as a Photographer, joined the long forgotten Borneo Gunpla Cup Challenge although doesn't win but the hardwork putting on is less than 60% hahaha....

Start to feel the not-fun factor about gunpla, should I hold my time toward this hobby & continue to do photography to improve myself, I still wonder though. Hmmmmm...

WIPs ? Yeah, still have my 1/8 Saber Lily haven't done airbrush, a 1/24 Subaru BRZ waiting for me to build on.....then again, MOOD play a major factor to have fun on it, not to mention, TIME.

Ouh wow I just rant did I ? Haha, maybe life's difficulty really pulls me down to the very ground of Earth, all this while I thought I was in Space ! Wait....I would have died if there...ok anyway, enjoy your new year eve !

On booze and not driving ! Stay safe, buddies !


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