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Monday, January 2, 2012

HGUC 1/144 GM Custom - Partial done + All of my 2011 works.

Greetings to all my readers ! Well, New Year has passed, now awaits Chinese New Year, which fall on 4th week of January this year. Can't wait hahahaha ~

Title says, this post is about all the kit I've made so far. Yeah, "so far."

Get this on Last Xmas's Potluck @ Ck Hobby Store ~

Out of the blue, manage to get this effect;

Metalize effect via Mr. Metal Color Aluminium + toothbrush. Pardon for the smudge surface, I think I need a compound or something.

Metalize almost all the thrusters.

Up-close abit. Can see shadow. NAIS.

Example #2 as above.

For this kit, the C-joint on the shoulder won't look nice, so, pla plates is going to be summoned.

Just paint the GM's inner visor for a visible design inside of it. It got eyes. I think red would make it badass haha !

I just can't stop fooling around with the metalize part. ;)

Ok, time to cut the pegs.

Pla plates, measured, cut & trimmed for yours truly. 3:)

Cement it on the shoulder parts, like a boss.

Well, this pic is taken today morning, which just finish it today. Well, not all haha...

Pipes galore ~ Star Bright Gold + Mecha-Gray marker.

Finished after an hour. So I put it in the usual spot, The Elevator.

Gorgeous kit, it was.

Other than 2 Jesta (Unfinished), this are the only GM I owned.

Full-sticker + gloss top coat.

Up-close. Darn my flash is bright. Should cover it with a paper.

The Elevator #2, MG-side.

To my lucky day. I found the lost part of Turn A's Core Fighter's yellow part. Yay ~

Wait a sec.....since when I got a MG Hi-Nu...? Hahaha, no lah, it's the GunDOOM kit. :) Another will coming soon, in purple.

Few figurines on display cabinet. 00 Heroines from yours truly Sir.
Not in the pic: Figma Black Gold Saw, Figma Mari, Figma White Rock Shooter.

The hang-ed project. haiz...

Unikorn. Lolz for the grammar.

SD white horse + red crab.

That's all folks. Wish you all a great New Year ahead. CHIONG AH !


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