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Friday, September 9, 2011


After lunch like usual, went to nearest bookstore to read some magazines for free. :3

Saw the usual hobby magazine department, & I notice this magazine with freebie ! What was it ?

Let's check it out ~

The magazine front & back page. Showing a custom Kamen Rider MG Fgurise to Black & a pair of Banshee.

A pair of Banshee + 2 pairs of Gatling Bazooka, OHMAI-.................

The magazines. Yes I bought 2.

FREEBIE !! But quality, I HMMMMMM. Same maker as the Gatling also though.

1st inspection already failed. Broken part spotted. Not on 1 part only....

Another broken part spotted. From this angle can't sees it...

........this angle obviously, you could see it.

T~T ....Looks like I had to use pla-plates to fix the fins.

2nd runner all OK.
Overall, PRC molded very, very terrible.......I MAD.



Unknown said...

coolies u've got the banshee's Antenna :D .. but i don't i am getting this though haha XD but i love the scratch built on that MG Figure-rise kamen Rider BLACK!

Jacques said...

This magazine is pretty good, they give out gunpla freebies from time to time. I remembered seeing them giving conversion parts to convert a RX-78 into Ryubi Gundam. The conversion parts given were spread out over 4-5 issues.

B-Mecha said...

I bought the magazine for the 1/144 gatling gun for unicorn too. Somehow the quality is not as bad as this one.

Evaritus Lau said...


Yeah, the Black conversion is very nice looking though, but I think they might Figurise the RX & Black, for old sakes. :3


That conversion parts caused alot of stir wasn't it ?


I think it's because that the fins are sharpen, thus it break much easily in the runner, it's not like the package could protect it anyway.

Gah, the fins quite troublesome ~