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Monday, January 20, 2014

Badass bootleg; Geminass Unit-2

Before we continue, finally found a flaw that might makes your kit, DISABLED.

Of all joint, this is one you should not hesitate to super glue it, swinging the leg forth and back resulting parts open up, then fell off, or worse; the peg snapped.
Just a kind reminder though haha....^^"

Alright then.

Finally done OOB Geminass Unit-2.

A build that I enjoy the most on.




And let's try some pose to define how good was the articulation + design of D.Mo's(Dragon Momoko) Geminass.

Arms almost can do the Master's pose; check.

The Burning Finger OP move pose; check.

The so random KR-like pose; check.

Lift 1 leg to balance while doing Jojo pose; check.
Ok that's intended pun haha ~

The max leg joint could do, well, space unit, what can I ask more. At the very least it uses the waist joint from AGE series if not mistaken...

Zero-weapon pose + a hint bit of Jojo-ish. Dang haha ~

So far the build experience is very nice, though, some snapfit issue still arise, anyway it was a nice attempt from D.Mo to re-buff the old kit from the 90's.

What a sec....people still wondering where's the weaponry....

The whole runner only for the weapon, LoLz. Not even touched.
Hahaha ~~ I see when got time to finish all the weapon.


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