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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WIP HGUC 1/144 GM Striker #2

Continuous from previous post. :3

Ok, no sawing or any cementing involve in this post, as this post is about the below pic;

The light green runner. In color chart, it was Green 85%, Black 10% & White 5%.
As a hand paint modeler, mixing color is quite troublesome, but then, it's fun doing so. Only thing is that, I can only get this result;

Mind the surface, this is Mr.Color after all. Look at the color tone. The one I've mixed is just....slight darker. Darn.

More of it. x4 here.

Done paint all the parts needed for this....light green color.

Again, mind the surface. Mr.Color is hating me yo.

I forgot to seam line removal on the middle handle, now I had to redo again...*sigh* nevertheless, looks great like this, minus surface.

Painted here.

...& here.

See how far the difference of the colors' tone. I should just add another drop of white color...
FYI, the color I've used was Mr.Color Green, Gaia Pure Black & Gaia Ultimate White. LoLoLz ~~~


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