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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sand, expensively.

Recently our local shop Ck Hobby Store haz brought in some tools for us to "play" with, no it's not free thought hahaha ~

Ze 3M.

The fine is quite fine, I LIEK.

Cut & paste to my Satellite sanding tools.


Jacques said...

Some questions I have been wondering:

How does the 3M sanding sponge compare against Tamiya's sandpaper?

And also how did you attach the sanding sponge to the satellite sanding tool?
Did you just use double-sided tape?

Evaritus Lau said...


Well, it's my 1st time using such sand sponge though, so I can't give exact answer about this & sandpaper since I getting use of using sandpaper all this while hahah...But I can was, it was a good sanding sponge.

Yeah, a durable double side tape do the trick. =)

chubbybots said...

These are very good sanding sponges...very nice for large curve surfaces!

OnoSceva said...

Question : Fine & SuperFine grade only?

Evaritus Lau said...


Yeah, even flat area can be curved. =)


Ala, mahal bah ging, so I buy 2 saja lah.