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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kotobukiya Saber-san

Just started in building the Saber-san, although not THAT much hahah.....
So, actually I just matt coated the head only, just to make the kit look better than glossy plastic look, bleeeh !

 Above 2 pics are matt coat. Look NAIS ~ I like the texture of it, better than OOB one. 

The only parts that are gloss coated.

Will start do the rest this weekends. Jaa ~~~



yangkuo said...

what brand of matt/gloss top coat did you use on this particular model?

am afraid the ones i have may destroy the pre-painted parts !

Evaritus Lau said...


Sorry for late reply ! So long didn't open email, so didn't knnow if got replies or not hahaha....

Ok, to answer that question, I's using the expensive Mr. Super Clear Matt & Gloss.

yangkuo said...

thanks for the reply !

glad to hear we have the same brand of top coat spray :)

btw, did you have any major trouble getting the seam lines around saber's hair bun part smooth before spraying??

if you painted the fringe of her skirt (white plastic below the skirt armor) do you mind sharing which color u used?

sorry for many questions but i really love this model and would want only the best results for it :P

Evaritus Lau said...


Well, normally I use art knife to remove large amount of nub marks 1st, not completely. Then using the sand file to file it off complete, & finish it with a smoother grit sandpaper before top coat it. I forgot the number for that grit 'coz I stick it on a ice cream stick heheh ~

Oh you mean goldie ? It's Artline Metallic Gold marker 0.8mm. 1st I use gundam panel liner Brown for the outline before paint the gold inside.