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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Let's no talk cock-crap & just enjoy the pics, shall we ?

*2 thumbs up*

BB NTD : Hey it's a camera, take my photo !
sb : kacau la lu....
BB NTD : *ignore mode* take my pic take my pic take my pic ~~

BB NTD : Tadaa ~
sb : Tch.....fine.



Danielle Lim said...

that is a bundle of HG there...anyways, i did the exchange links dy ^^"

Syful said...

waaahhhh.. getting more crowded in the elevator shots hehehe

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! There's what I call all action less talk! Lotz of Unicorn Gundam and in SD mode too! I like the Rezel

rndm said...

Exia, Turn A, RX78-2: "Hey, watch it ARF!"