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Monday, July 5, 2010

MC Model Gundoom.

YESH It's a doomed kit !

Nah kidding hehe !

Before that, I must say that I'm impress with this bootleg kit. The details, how "stiff" the parts to snap on it etc...i mean WOW !

Anyway, less talk crap, let's begin.

Gundoom 01

Ok, the worse nightmare ever, 12 fin funnels !! It's not simple....

So I cut all the parts for the mid section of the funnels...

*snap snap*

2 hours later...

Gundoom 02

Ok done..& I'm beat up already...=3="

So I continue fixing up all 12 fins (didn't take any pics...)....

Gundoom 03


Took me 3 days, why I took it so long ? It suck my soul so much that I can't bear to look at it on weekends...haha....^^"


The next to build was the Dual Bazooka. Oh yeah ~ Moar firepower ~

Gundoom 04

Done fix it only to notice something.... The surface ain't glossy ! Darn... Had most of the parts panel lined with a water-based gundam marker... DARN BLOODY MARY DARN !!

Gundoom 05

..........anyway, done both zooks now. =)

Gundoom 06
Gundoom 07

Now I'ma rest my soul to recharge it up before building it again.



Anonymous said...

Two hours, and only those tiny bits was done?... Ouch...

Can't wait to see the completed version. =)

Evaritus Lau said...

Maybe this week will done it. Depends on my tamashii level orz.

gunpla4ever said...

OMG i wan it looks nice

divinelight said...

I'm thinking of buying this.
is it worth?

is the snapfit allright? because most bootleg are not so loose after building

Evaritus Lau said...


Can get via online at Lowyat forum bah. =)


It depends on you. =)
I call it half bootleg, since, the plastic isn't the same as cheap bootleg to be honest, snap fit is fine, but might need to cut abit diagonally, kinda stiff & tight though.
Anyway, if still not convinced, look at my WIP post before getting 1. =)