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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

While waiting for MG DX...

I should finish off painting this BB DX 1st before the biggie came out sooner or later. ^^"

To be honest, this wasn't my kit, it was my nephew's. But seeing how it was treated..(lousy paint job with markers + unorganized stick the foils...), I'ma try to revive it to its glory moments...LoLz.

Spend 10 minutes to remove foil stickers & some of the lefover sticking glue on the part's surface, cleaning the lousy paint job..

& here what my nephew left to me, a cement'd head, & it started to look yellow-ish. Time to sand hard.

30 minutes later...

Prime the dark blue parts since I want it black instead of dark blue.

So far, only the head is completely painted & panel lined. ^^"


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Anonymous said...

Dang! I like it, still waiting for the HGAW 1/144 version!