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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So-so de Sousou's.

Weird title, I know..^^"

Gawd Shin version has another nicer variation of Sousou again ! Damn ! Nevertheless, I had to finish my Gigatei Sousou, at least.

Box-o-sousou's + other parts. ^^" Mod failed.

From all the parts that I'd mod, only these I could salvage for the Emperor.

Thus, I need a new body, waist, armors & cape for it, & good thing is that it was red instead of maroon color, & yet, it's metallic colors, nub marks almost invisible. Nice !

3 different colored back skirt for Sousou. Note the middle is using Bosny spray, rough surface..lame.

Oh I forgot, I have salvage the helmet also since it was sand'd very well for my liking, so off to the priming process.

Ugh use 2 primer in here, gray then white. Look macam frosting. Well Maika ~

Took the front skirt, mask'd & spray a layer of Mr. Hobby #08 Silver over it.

After giving it the time to dry up under the sun, take off the mask tapes.

Most cleanest masking ever did. Bravo to myself !

& now I'm feeling lazy...orz


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I'm appreciate your writing style.Please keep on working hard.^^