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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say yeah for teh joints ~

Well, few weeks back my friends asked me if there's anything I want to get on HLJ, which that time I was excited 'coz been eye-ing for some "treasures" there, joints !

Yes, I've been craving for more custom joints either from Kotobukiya, Yellow Submarine or perhaps, from Revoltech as well, for my lil' buddy SD kits. Haha I think I'm a psycho-maniac on BB kit liao....

Anyway, placed my order & paid 'em. This week my friend Hadri say "barang suda mari, bila pick up", I was WOW ! Cannot tahan to start a joint mod liao ~ In the meanwhile, saw this poor pinky for a reasonable RM45.50 somewhere around KK, better get it, for mah Rasiel. =) That's mean I got 2 joint mod now. It's like hit 2 birds with a stone.. XD

Well, the missing piece isn't missing, it was to test on a broken figma, see if could fit on it or not..

I ish a happy man.



Anonymous said...

Start to mod Rasiel ah? LoL! Indeed you love BB very much! XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Yeah, just realize that a lost the mid chest part.....OMG !

Not sure which kit will get it's privilege to be modded.