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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sonken, the sangokuden version of GP03S

Try to clearing backlogs before moving to newly-bought kits though. =D

So yeah, BB kit again..haha.. Can't stop enjoying sawing, super glue, sanding & more sanding on this particular kit. & yes, I have 3 Sonken already now. =) 1 is in my gf's possession, 2nd is "adopted" from Edwin, and now, currently building it.

Since I don't like the basic pose, I'ma go for joint mods. Again. ^^;

Test mod #1, arm joint. Big portion had to be cut but later can fix it back using putty. =)

Test mod #2, leg joint. Took quite a while to sand mid section of it, tons of knife scars on the part but still, can be fix. =)

Test mod #3, shoulder armor. I seen the Hobby Japan on how to mod Sousou, & came across this technique, only my job is too sloppy. Well, sanding would fix afterwards. =D

While waiting the superglue to get hard on the joint parts, I go spraying those parts that I've done priming, gave 'em a nice coat of pearl white, but in the pic can't see the actual pearl-ish effect though...

To be continued..........



Anonymous said...

I really want those joints so that i able to do more mods on my SD or others. Keep it up!

Evaritus Lau said...

Heh. Wait I could do it easily then I'll try help others do the same. =)