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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sinanju's decal is madness !

So, before I start to do another kit HGUC kit, I better off start putting decals on my black Sinanju..=D

1st impression, like anyone who already done it, it's a pure madness ! Not only there's alot of it, some is quite long which unfortunately split to 2 before even stick on the kit...=.="

Haven't clean my table so I'm doing it on the carpet instead.

Although it was hard, but at the same time, it was fun doing it actually. =)

The only parts that are finish putting decal, lolz.

Nice to see that the decal melts onto the parts with the help of Mr. Mark Softer, looks more nicer like this.

Notice that crack ? I don't even have any idea how it happened though...

But on this part, the decal already crack before dipped into the water, luckily it didn't fell off from the decal sheet !

Haiz..too much cracking decals..I'm too suck am I..? =.o;

3 hour has passed & I just used up almost all the 2nd sheet of Sinanju's decal for those white outlines, so this side on the thrusters is the last one to do..

Now now, careful, careful...

Well it's a touchdown for me since I don't need to move it around again & again. ^^;



B-Mecha said...

I never know putting decal is such a hardwork. Maybe I never try putting the big / long one before... Now i'm worry how to deal with MG kit XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Just do like usual, no tension as always would work just fine.