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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm done ~

Continue my build as fast I could now. ^^;

Foil sticker for older HGUC kits can be very annoying since it isn't well cut to fit into some details, for my case, the eyes. So, instead of using stickers, I just paint with gundam marker S-Destiny Zaku Pink. kinda weird after painted it though...hahaha...^^"

30 minutes later....

I'm almost done with the arms & hands ~

Teh old school dry transfer decal. Stick very well on surface, not like some dry transfer on some kit that I own.

Another 2 tone plate color. Geez...

Pardon me for the big big nub marks..^^; Had no substitute color to cover it up.

5 minutes later...

Done !

The only big pipes found on shoulders. Paint 'em with usual gold-silver.

Same goes to the back.

So I'm done with this old kit. Now left Nu HWS & Unicorn NT-D Mode.

Cheers !


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