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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates on Nu Koumei

Ok, so this past weekend I did some progress on this kit, now taking shape liao ~

Yes, weekends only manage to paint half way (+ - paint frosting....) so yeah, indeed is slow progress...

Ops ! Over drawn the panel line on left skirt. Oh well later will do the cleaning.

Long time didn't use gundam markers, luckily haven't dried yet ^^; That red color was using S-Destiny marker set, quite thick for 2 layers only.

Half way OOB kit. Much more nice like this ~~~

Kawaii desu nee !

Ok, for this kit, i'll go for original colors for Nu / Hi-Nu color scheme, so far the plan goes well. Hopefully frosting won't happen much when spraying though...=.=;


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Syful said...

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