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Friday, June 19, 2009

Delayed post

Since last week I can't post my gunpla works just because the camera was on my 2nd sis....

Just get the camera from her, so gonna do my posting updates ~

1st off, putting clear stickers & dry transfer decals on my MG F91.

As you could see, I still re-assembly the left leg, so it will hanging on the stand without a leg for now. =)

Unavoidable no matter what, dry transfer tends to have air bubbles trapped within the decals...

Gosh lots of work just to make sure it won't tear off my decal..

& yes, those small warning is decals, lots of wasted tapes in the process to make sure it stick on the parts well.

Other angle. Before giving a topcoat it's hard to see the clear sticker on the cockpit, after topcoat it, it's visible now...sheez...

Pipes galore ! Infected by bro Ngee Khiong, I also search up all the pipes to paint...haha~

The most visible pipes, yet concealed under the armor. But it leaves satisfactory feeling after done paint it though. =)

Ah yes some of the readers has been waiting me done painting on this kit, well, I just completed the body (armor still need do some painting & touch up...). So here's Emperor Ryuubi once again... ^^"

I've saw the details on the leg, leaving the hollow just like that. Some how I like how it turns out to be. =)

Side shoulder armors. At 1st I want to follow the RX78-2's shield color scheme, but changed after missing some color, so I just paint it like that but haven't panel line it yet. (Sorry camera didn't zoom well, blurry..>.>")

Wings. I have the similiar stickers like Guan Ping's big sword stickers, so generally my idea is to sticker it on the details & trim it off. But it failed me, the sticker is abit fragile, easily tear off I must say..in the end, paint the detail in gold is my last choice. Haha.....

Adding a golden moustache on the crown dragon. & some weathering effect. quite nice looking now. Heh~



weihao said...

yo brO.. nIce JOb.. deCAl nICelY donE wO.. gUNdam F(1 nVr HeaRd b4.. iN waT serIEs a?? Pai SEh.. n LIKE UR DRAGON HEAD!! vERI sIONG..

Evaritus Lau said...

F91 de series is after Char's Counterattack, got F91 OVA anime ba.

Chris said...

That's nice, the F91. Inspired from Z? I never took notice of F91 but it looks nice in your photo. Those long shoulder armours remind me of Strike Freedom's or even Exia's.

Nicely done on your Ryuubi too. I like the details you've put into painting your kits. XD

Evaritus Lau said...


Painting details in all what we need to make our gunpla kits more beautiful.

Heh yeah, since Z going to build one, might re-fix my kit as references though.


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