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Friday, June 12, 2009

Adding effects to some pictures...

Few minutes ago, while I'm cursing on my Streamyx (WTH, WTF, OMFG etc...) stumble on this particular post from Gordon's blog.

So, I'm also wanna do like he did here. Teehee ~

Ok, pictures below:

Ok, for whom that wonder that site does this awesome effects, go here for more.

Ok, time for sleep now ~~



Mike said...

haha. seems that a lot of people also playing with this. including me.

Evaritus Lau said...

It's fun doing it, why not ?


Willie said...

Hehehe...lots of my friends do this and keep them in their facebook.

Chris said...

Oh... haha, that program. Seen Mike with his Deep Striker using that program too.

gordon said...

glad u like it. do more pictures lah. XD

Q said...

Glad you like the application. Hope you will make more fun pictures with it!

Anonymous said...

It looks really cool. Picjoke.com - funny photo effects is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.