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Friday, May 15, 2009

Lil' Updates #4~

Trying my sis's camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS70 for update some of my gunpla pics. Although it's not that sharp even though using ISO mode, but the pic taken is less noise than ISO mode for Sony Cybershot DSC-S650.

1st off, the dual sword.
Ok, as all you can see, I getting lazy to paint the dragon mark itself, instead, I just paint whole middle into gold, using gold gundam marker. Turns out it looks nice too !

Closer look on Red Sword. Haha, the gold color not "rata".......

...but the Blue Sword has more flatten gold color than red. I wonder why...(You lazy ma..^^")

Haha, put that aside 1st since I already top coat it, waiting it dried up 1st then.

Now, to the "botak chai mode" of Emperor Ryuubi....(LoLz...^^")

Yes more gold details ~ But the the dragon symbol on the forehead, dunno why I use blue instead of...um..gold... But think ok la like that. :)

Closer look = spot my mistakes. (^^")

Put the eye sticker to see how it will look like. NICE !

Side view. GENG !

This side, nice or not ar using the eye green gundam marker for the stripes ? Kinda feel weird this color suitable or not. Suggestion ?

While I'm busy painting, something sleepy on my bed.....


Ok time to rest for few hours 1st before continue painting ~



Anonymous said...

nope...its suitable and nice bro!

Anonymous said...

btw i had change my blog back to blogspot version,and new templates!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Liu Bei Gundam is near completion. Outstanding!!