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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gold color, Silver color & panel lining pen / markers.

Ok, today I'm going to show the markers / pens that has been very helpful in painting / detailing gunpla kits.All the pens / markers I've been using.

Ok, as bro Ngee Khiong telling us how good was the Pilot gold extra fine is, I could only manage to find this at Popular, & best thing is it's also an extra fine tip one, well, 0.8 quite fine to me already.

Very convienant marker, it is. It has both gold & silver color on the same marker, & the fine tip is quite nice, just remeber these marker really need shake well each time use.

For wider area I use these since the tip is quite big, but like the previous marker, this also share the same way, shake well each time use.

Panel lining pens, or should I say art pens ? Nevermind about it. (Heh~)

& lastly, gundam marker S-Destiny gold fine tip, which is, well, not very gold-ish. It's a dark gold color by the way.

So that's it. If anyone trying to find these pens / markers, well I'd provide the pic on how they look like, making life more easier like that....heheh ~



AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

haha. i couldn't find pilot extra fine either... XD

i don't know about you... but i don't like artline paint markers... and i find the gold rather dull.... wasted my RM6.40 =(

but the artline multi pen is great. sticks to plastic nicely and everything ^^

Evaritus Lau said...

Well yeah, it depends on people on how well or how bad the gold color is. But to me, it's good enough. =)

The problem on dual color marker is that either on of it will start to defected, e.g like the tip is dried up & the color cant flows within it. bad huh ? 'coz it just happened on the gold color of mine...

Anonymous said...

damn there is no place in lithuania to get this stuff sucks, guess have to order it.) aciu uz patarima.)