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Friday, March 6, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 4

Ok I know it's quite a while I didn't post it up, All thanks to the shield parts..~.~"

Done with painting gold on those needed parts..whew..one tough job finally done..

Neo Zeon emblem. Gosh it's beautiful like this ! But downfall is...can see it's side that I've covered with Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment pen. Nonetheless, it's still a clean & tidy job, self satisfied is more than enough for now. =D

Half done lower parts of Sinanju. That's quite a height for a half done kit O.O !

Thrusters, done spraying 'em all, just enough to finished a can of it. Luckily got spare. ^^

assembled right leg. After all has assembled, it's quite heavy now...was wonder will it hold on Action Base or not...

Left side skirts to build & I almost done with it....

External thrusters for each leg parts also done. Sweet !

.... & also my side skirts, double sweetness !
~~Here he come ~~

"I ish #1 !! Lagann Style !!"

Final comparison between Unicorn & Sinanju. So much differences...

Yeah, now left teh shield, axes, rifle & backpack to build...Currently adding my usual detail color for this kit on the backpack, so it might take a while to quickly finish it.



MyKy said...

W00t sinanju complete jor wor..

Nice thrusters..

Evaritus Lau said...

Nice from far, worse if look closely.


Ngee Khiong said...

Looks really good! ^^ Any plan to apply the decal and clear sticker?

Evaritus Lau said...

Em...don't think so...since the paint still "peels off" by itself...


Tonzo said...

Looking good mate! Love the manga.

MyKy said...

ni tak leh ni... looks like i gotta improve my sinanju too.. :p