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Friday, September 5, 2008

re-WIP : Sousou redo colors.

Now this kit is alive !! After a few series re-color red & gold spray frenzy-ness....=.=;

Body's gold color was spray color whilst the waist's gold is gundam marker. Big Gap of quality difference indeed. (But don't care about it though...=D )

Gold color on cape is my gf's idea, & she help to color that. =)

Now I'm short of Xiahou Yuan to complete Caocao's party. =)

OK, currently was help my nephew do his NG 1/100 Astray RF. The last Astray in my collection since I got BF 2nd L & GF Amatsu Mina Custom. Cheers !


gordon said...

curious bro. do u prime your kits before painting?

Evaritus Lau said...

Nop. Just sand to make the surface rough. Tipical way to do kit faster.