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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today in Sabah.

At 7.xx pm just now, drive my mom to my 2nd sister's hostel as tomorrow morning they going to a holiday trip, who knows that all of sudden a fast yet hard rain on the way, siao eh ! Visibility only around ten metres, really gives me a hell of he day.

Lucky when going back home, rain slowly down already (whew~). Today I've experienced how does Hydroplaning worked.... Don't drive exceed 75km/h or else anyone would go through that kind of experiences.

Ok, today I didn't touch my gunpla so no updates for a while though. Gomen gomen..>.<"


gordon said...

so which country is your mum and sister going to? ^^;

me thinking of going to japan in aug. danny invited me to come but me is such a n00b. got lots of research to do. maybe i have to reject his offer. :-(

btw enough about me. it also rained today here but not that big. ^^;

Evaritus Lau said...

Na, still within the country. Just above S'pore ar.

Wao Danny is inviting bro go Japan, tht's awesome wor.!