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Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIP HGUC 1/144 Banshee #1

February loot, 1 out of 3. :3 Anyway, let's get it ON GI ! 

1st thing I did on this kit was, paint those details with Gaia Star Bright Gold, the sticker is such a nuisance to this kit.

Even the Bazooka's magazine has been painted gold.
More magazine painted gold.
The lucky guy who owns this kit. *smirk*
As you can see, all those dull gold parts has been painted with Star Bright Gold also, to bring out the epic-ness.
Roaster's horn, compare to the previous gift from a magazine, this is rather thick haha.
Face plate in gold. NAIS.
Since no more details to be painted in gold, so I paint the thrusters in gold lolz. Don't want to waste the paint ar.
Last parts that need gold paint.



Tsukinari said...

nice loot!

Gaianotes FTW! the Starbright Gold looks pretty awesome! good job!

now when will I get this guy? not soon *looks at his backlogs* uguu

Evaritus Lau said...


Beware of the Legions of Backlogs, soon to attack all those Saber galore wahahahah !

Zoidiect Archaea said...

gold bling galore hohohoho

i'd go for Destroy mode, not really fond of this one, especially when it carries around big chunk of plastic

Evaritus Lau said...


NT-D ? After I done this mode 1st wekekekeke ~

Khaidir said...

Very Interesting and Poisonous *3*