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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Jesta - Prologue

As always, talk shit 1st. :3

To be honest, I never try to like a grunt unit.

Why ?

'coz everytimes I see 'em in the anime, they always the 1st to blown up, torn to pieces, beam-ed to dust, mindraep etc, you name it.

Nowaday, UC series haz alot, ALOT of strong grunt unit that can be proud of. Stark Jegan, Ecoas & now, Jesta.

I know no shit about this ms's background though, but you guys can check it out via Google hahahaha ~

Ok I should stop ranting before somebody gonna beam me.

I just received my Jesta yesterday evening, courtesy of our Dr. Gunpla, Mr. Edward Yong *people applausing*. All thanks to him, I think I might be one of the few peeps in KK that haz Jesta now. *Weeee~*


Next, about the 2nd haul.

Was taking my lunch nearby my workplace, & as always, walk thru this hardware shop, & stumbled upon this;


................just for RM15.80. :3

Now, to test out how chrome was it...can it compete against Bosny's Chrome Silver ?



Zoidiect Archaea said...

oho, i hope the spray does the bling-bling well

brb, wanna continue biting my thumb

Evaritus Lau said...


Hopefully it does. :3
"Eh, jari siapa yang
tercicir ni ?"

B-Mecha said...

Nice! Please feel free to poison ppl about Jesta.

To be honest Jesta is similar to RX-79(G)Gundam. A very limited grunt unit that gives kick ass performance.

Khaidir said...

CHROME *3* bling Bling.. Does Anchor or DPI have Chrome? i've been looking for one.. so just incase if i ever buy Mg Figure-rise Kamen Rider W Series.. i can Paint ehm :3