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Monday, October 17, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Jesta - Progresses, progresses & more progresses

Ok 'nuff say, let's kick some Shambloo !
A three day work posted in a single post. LoLz.

On 14.10.2011...

Primed the insignia on the waist. I dislike foil. Currently deciding what color to put on.

Like how Chubbybots did, I also did the seamline removal for easier job.

It's tough to cut it though... But worth to try on. No fail at all ~

More view on the the C-joint insertion.

Cut & sand all the way.

On 15.10.2011...

Sudden acquired idea pops up, Ultimate X color scheme. Well, if ya need to look how's the X like, click here.

Basically, arms, thighs & waist are the main point to re-paint with a purple color, but I only had Samurai's Red Purple, which is bling'd with metallic particles... Oh well, least good looking also. :3



Prime then re-spray. Glossier than without prime. I LIKE.

More of the re-spray parts.

On 16.10.2011...

Sand off the cement excess. Now, it looks ugly....

Snapfit the waist & body for better picture on how it would end up like.

Back view. For the lolz.

Snapfitted all the re-spray parts. I LIEK. TRULY LIEK.

Now left to sand the shoulders.

C-joint'd the left arm, wait the cement to dry then sand.

Leave the nub while cement it, less hassle to do 1 job twice.

Now, let's go the weaponry, a machine gun. Looks like a hybrid of Uzi & Sub-machinegun no ? I mean, look at the cartridge.

The main reason is this, the scope must be in clear part, not foil !! I RAGE ! Time to cut & paste !!

Anyone recognize this ? Yes, it's from the runner, specifically, the runner's number. Take it out, use artknife to cut off the numbers & cutter the shape it.

Explained on above.

Idea works. Everyone applause. ~~~

Nice looking except one.....

I freakin' overcut it !! WARGH !!! /yaoming.jpg
Next process will be up in this week. Cheers !



Khaidir said...

BLing Bling on the pipe Waist *3*

Tom said...

You can at least say that your Jesta's beam carbine was damaged in some sort of battle lol.

Ono Sceva said...

Kuhkuhkuh I seriously laughed abt the overcut part... ko nie... bikin sia excited betul... Bah jgn kasih lama... siap cepat2...