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Thursday, October 13, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Jesta - Making some progress

The next day, after the prologue, building process begins.
Since this is my 1st time doing a same kit, twice the speed that I normally did, so I will post it part by part hahaha....post count whore wakakakak ~

Without even looking at the manual, cut out all the parts out from the runners recklessly. I PAIN.

Polycaps. Tipical type. Most new HG kit got these type already, so skip the explanation.

Palms, 1st runner. I gasp seeing this much palm available.

Palms, 2nd runner, & I GASP MORE.

The only runner left untouch, Runner A.

"Off ya go runners."

Went to Daiso-like shop, & found this interesting thing. Swapping the dull-look pipes with this will be a good idea ? *smirk*

Ridiculously, finished the 1st repeated parts.........

On this time. LoLz. Btw, picture above is also the time where I just finish upgrading my gf's X10 to 2.3.3. & spent another 2 hours + to root it, which is a success. :3

While rooting, I also finished to 2nd group of repeated parts. Talk about slow-mo jobs.

& this is where, I stop my job for the day, It's freaking almost 3am ! Gosh.............

Continue it tonight, which is kinda late already lolz.... But finished another 2 group of repeated parts.
You guessed it, I just do the joint parts 1st, since, this ABS-like parts always troubles me the most. Get rid the annoyance 1st.

& finally, the last 2 group (Hopefully) of repeated parts done.


On the other hand, laying in the boxes, piles of parts that requires nub-removing + sanding.....
TROLL IT. <Nonsense.

Ok, busy week in office really affecting my speed on this, hopefully, by the end of October i can finish this manly kit. Signing off for next time !



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Wah Wah Wah, cant wait for the updates... Keep up the good work?