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Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Jesta - Filler Post #2

Today, we are going to test fit a hinge to the shield, forming a moveable shield arm.

But before that, something Magvyer taught me;

Sanded part.

As you could see, the parts has been sanded to remove the molding lines formed on a wide surface.

With a lil' rub with Autosol Metal Polish, this came.

Quite smooth I must say.
I suppose that's what he said, must sand 'til the finest grit. Well, I don't have fine grit with me, so, Maika. :3

Tested also (no pictures taken) on Mr. Metal Color Chrome Silver. Failed as it wipes off all the paint.....

Anyway, proceed.

A soldier with big armament is always a win.

But the main point wasn't weapon. Spot the difference ?

Like Tom Chris said.....
"I heard Verde Buster cries out loud"
Yeah but, the kit itself is ruined, headless, arm-less...so....maika.

A mere cut & cement, nothing fancy about this. Although it's a 3-point joint, there's still restriction on it. Haiz....

Lowered the shield more, & it could do this.
A 3-point joint with restriction. WARGH !

"Now I can cover my beautiful body from bullets scar. DIE ZULU DIE !! "



Zoidiect Archaea said...

i see. so you use parts from verde buster eh. nice one bro :D

Evaritus Lau said...


It's like a game, where, you destroy your oppoment & get the parts you won. Just like Rockman.

Anonymous said...

Ohh.... In the BattleTech universe (of MechWarrior game) we say "Nice salvage".

Khaidir said...

WOW! that's one big CHain GUn XD bwhahahahhahahah CRY SOME MORE XD

Chris said...

"Like Tom said"?
Ma name is no Tom. >o<;

Evaritus Lau said...


Aha yes that !


Pity no handheld rail gun....


Ops ! My bad hahaha.....

Khaidir said...

@Eva: Mod it XD ... and maybe u can have a title. "I am Heavy Weapons Guy..and This is my Weapon" XD