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Monday, November 15, 2010

HGUC 1/144 Delta Plus : Done.

Well yeah, took me almost a month to finish it, so here it goes ~

A nice slender figure of it. I don't why some people don't like the bulky shoulders though.

Pimp'd with Mr. Metal Color Stainless + Mr.Color Gold for teh awusum pipes ~

So I try to follow the coloring method on 00 Quanta on Hobby Japan, which is using a clear enamel color to paint the clear parts. Mine works nicely ~


I've regretted using Mr.Color White now, too thick......>.>"

While I'm doing the handpaint job....

Somebody "up there" flush the water down. Gosh, chill temperature all of sudden.

But luckily hand paint ain't frosting hahaha ! Nice try Mr. Weather.

So, in MS mode, only the head I like....hmmm..that's mean it's going to be MA mode all the way 'round lolz ~

Flat, not like boxy ReZel.

I ish like this shietz.

& that concludes my post for this. Thank you.



gunpla said...

I wna this!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

I WOULD have bought this if it wasn't the silly placement of things on the shield...

Anonymous said...

yah the tamiya clear green work nicely with clear part. oledi tested on my gundam 00 raiser.

Danielle Lim said...

bulky shoulder i like...but the feet...nipis benar