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Monday, August 30, 2010

Malaysia's old money notes.

It's been a while not updating my blog haha...^^" & it's non-gunpla related.

Well, these old notes aren't mine, it's my dearest gf own collection. =)

1st time seen this RM5 notes though.

Up close front.

Up close rear.

Well, these RM5 notes was from 90's & then has been "out of commission because of the fake money happened on the 90's. But I'm not discussing about it, there's something hidden beneath it. Let's check it out.

Hidden thing is on the back. Try look closely.

Now you see the cross....

Now you see no cross, but there's 1 visible dark lines covered it.

At 1st I also not believe it until my gf shows it to me...hahaha...

The infamous RM100 notes. Also the victim of fake money. Quite wide I must say since the last time I seen it when I was still a kiddo.

Well, nothing special about this notes though, only that it's quite rare to see it nowadays.

Only 2 more money notes I haven't seen 'til now;RM20 note & Rm1000 note.



mangyver5223 said...

Your gf collection looks valuable and she also have older note than that?

Anonymous said...

Wow... Never expect to see those old notes again.

Personally, I though the cross on the old RM5 note is a flag mast all this time. Haa... =3=

David John Shewsbury said...

You don't have the famous RM 20.00 notes? brown color....

Evaritus Lau said...


Yup. She own few notes that are from Borneo instead of Malaysia's.


Was thought the same as bro also, until seen the untouched notes. Kukuku... Now bro know that notes has a cross on it.


My friend got, but for some stupid judgement, that brown notes left half, burning the Sultan's face along...^^"