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Saturday, July 17, 2010

BB Tenshiho Sazabi - Red & Gold is nice ~

Before start to paint the gold, I was soooo lazy to do it....'coz it's so annoying !

Yes, hand painting is indeed 1 hell of job to do.

But manage to finish it all though.

As I can see, 2 big shoulder armor's gold emblems need some touch up, which I'll doing it later, & paint the Super Black on the left shoulder to finalize it.

Overall, it's cool to see that I finally gonna finish painting a Sangokuden kit !!

Yesh mah' 1st fully painted + modded !



Anonymous said...

Bloodness red! LoL! Great job of painting it. But some of the panel lining kind thick in my opinion.

GunStray said...

Dude thats pretty Hard core that it went from Bland Red, to Hot Blooded Red, and Gold!

Anonymous said...

My eyes~! Too red~! *runs away*

Anonymous said...

hmn.... overall is nice bt bad call for the feather. It should be classics white bt overall is ok with gold emblem as signature color :)

Evaritus Lau said...


Thick panel line = covers paint excess. ^^" Had to do it 'coz lazy repaint it back haha.


Final boss must have blood color ! RAWR !


Try look red + gold at the same time. =D


Well, according on the boxart, it painted black, so I just follows it. =)

exiagn001 said...

i sill hav no comfident to do the custom hand

David John said...

Walan eh... look so cool liao... give to me this one as Christmas present can kah.... hehehehe

Evaritus Lau said...


Just do it. Trial & error is the best method around to make it much perfect.


You bring 1 Sangokuden kit to me I help you paint lah macam ?? This 1 already display only sudah.