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Monday, July 5, 2010

BB Tenshiho Sazabi - It's getting fugly.

Ok late post I know... ^^"

So cut the crap & to my snail progress ~


Look at this. It looks cool like this. Maybe because of the Sazabi faceplate..hmmm..


Equip with Nightingale's mask. Hmm, cut the visor out, but then something is off in it...


The opening is abit small, & can't even see through the monoeye movement like this. Darn I need some ideas...

*bulb lights on*

Heh ~ got an idea that might work.


Solution ; Cut off the mask's top crown & faceplate. Now for the rough look of it.


Kinda wide opening now. ^^" Well, what's done can't be undone now, might as well goes with the flow now...haha..


A few time looked at it, "Hey it's not bad after all".


Don't worry about the tilted faceplate, it haven't been superglue it yet. =D

A few moments later...


Ugh, can't bear how it looked under the helmet, meh.....Ugly duckingale...

I think it should stay with helmet on....


The piece of crown from the mask, also need to be superglued onto the helmet.


Done ! Now to left it a day or so before paint or do other kits for the moments..^^"


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