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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BB Tenshiho Sazabi - Apocalyse !

Finally ~

Done hand painting this awesome kit ~ Actually, still haven't paint few parts left. ^^"

~Front view~

Uh oh ~ Naisu ~ The meta-green turns out much better ~

~Rear view~

Moar gold, moar red ~

Yep, that's 1 of the unpaint parts, the big sword. I just sprayed it with Tamiya Gun Metal, now looks kewl !

Try to do some pose. Well, seems like I better mod my kit so that it can be mounted onto a stand.

Teh 2nd part unpainted. Actually I think I just paint the chest's red eyes only though.

Comparing my modded kits; Emperor Ryuubi & Tenshiho Sazabi. Which you prefer? ^^

Ok back to the cabinet before display it at Hobby Kingdom soon.



Anonymous said...

That is a very "busy" looking SD...

Hey, the elevator's not crowded. XD

Anonymous said...

Well done! LoL! Where is Hobby kingdom?

GunStray said...

Move over ryubei, Tenshiho has Gut's bloody f**ken sword of GAR!!!

Yah I noticed the inner parts of the shoulder armor are still not painted

Evaritus Lau said...


some of the kit shouts "My eyes~! Too red~! *runs away*". =D


1 of our local hobby shops, situated in KAC. =)


If got time will paint it, but right now, nah, no time haha..^^"

mangyver5223 said...

Whoa.... thats great painting job. You now become a master of gunpla coloring. Cheers, man!

Endy-6 said...

Wow! Finally done, nice painting & modify! I like the gold and red. ^^
good job!^^

Evaritus Lau said...


No man, it's just the beginning of mastering hand painting on BB kits. Cheers !


Glad bro like it. =) Next might be Goutaitei Sonken or Genbuso Ryofu.

Yuen™ said...

hi hi~ first time to stop by ur blog~
cool man! love ur painting much! hate BB sangokuden cause it have too many curves n small~

im a penang ppl,but currently studying in sabah UMS. well.. if has the chance hope to meet the modelers in kk.

cheers and wait for ur next gunpla :)

Evaritus Lau said...


Hi there ! I see, got a friend from Penang also, can say we are bro in phone or net haha !

Well, I can't help if bro hate BB Sangokuden though, differ people differ liking I'll say.

Got time every evening can stop by at Komplex Asia City in KK bah ! We all hang out there around 5pm+ like that.

Oh ya, Japan Fest is up on 31st in UMS like last year, meet you there also. =)

Yuen™ said...

wow! u r going to the Japan Fest?!
may i have ur hp no.?
well.. i did hope to meet u guys there~
i brought one of my recent completed BB to here~ wish you all can take a look on it and comment it :)

CD said...

Oooh, very nice. Good job!
The metallic colors looks well done (shiny gold!) and the details are brought out very nicely. Your panel lining looks quite neat as well. =)

Evaritus Lau said...


Sure why not. =) 016-8170407.


Mix 2 kinds of panel lining ; 1 using 0.1 Faber Castell for black lining, whilst another is using brown gundam panel liner marker. =)

Yuen™ said...

thanks :)
mine one is 014-9522501
when i got the time to go to asia city, i will contact u~