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Thursday, April 1, 2010


These are the joints that I use to mod teh BB Sangokuden to my limit.lolz.

Kotobukiya. Bought for MYR30+ each. Expensive like shiet. Only able to get Unit A & B. Oh forgot put its name...lolz. This is ABS Unit by the way. Left & middle was Unit B & the right 1 is Unit A. Left that much le, now dunno where I could get these already, but if can I want the Unit C as well...T~T

Ok next up, some bro might still remember I used Stikfas to mod joint on a BB kit. Now, I found this, slightly expensive than Stikfas by MYR10+, but good thing is it's from Bandai too, so I can expect the plastic ain't differ that much compare to gunpla itself.

The figure that soon to be butchered. *evil grind*

Oh wait, this Pellermodel has another runner in it, it's the base ! Wow, not only I could joint mod them, I could also gives them a good base to show off. Muahahahaa ~~~

& lastly, who could never forgot the most expensive joints ever sell in M'sia, Yellow Submarine. Roughly each pack should range around MYR30~50 I think, but luckily, ordered em with couple of friends on HLJ, so like yeah, for 6 packs I paid just MYR100, which is save more money ~~

Gah can't wait for the Amiami package to reach my friend's home, order mah 1st Nendoroid & damashii figure......crap.



Jacques said...

thanks for sharing with us the type joints you bought and used for your modding project. My fingers are starting to feel the itch for more sd modding projects already.

Gotta to agree that buying Koto and Yellow Submarine joints from local shops are very expensive. Ordering in bulk from Japan would save alot more when you bundled with other people.

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

ohho~ now i know what will be the nice mod parts~ might get some ^^

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Don't show those joints as I will be more crazy to get them! I trying to talk to some of those shop like Hobbies Corner or others, they like not interested to do business. So pretty hard for me to get them! T_T

Pjal said...

owh.. so, it was you.. lulz

Evaritus Lau said...


Yup, especially when the shipping is 50% off. =D


Good luck finding them ~


Actually yeah HC doesn't get this kind of joint by the way, had to go out search on the hobby shop.


Huh ? What ? your Figma kah ? =P

Pjal said...

so, what's your first nendoroid?