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Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally !

OK continue. Time to paint the emblems with enamel black ~ Haha...still going to read the mag for references on how they paint though.. ^^;

30 Minutes Later...

Whew done paint all the parts now. Feel relieved much now. =)

It's been awhile didn't handpaint using enamel paint though, so that's explain the surface not quite flat..haha...Anyway, time to clean up the excess with a lil' help from Zippo oil. ^^

Tadaa ! Done ! Touch up later on to cover up some area that I've accidentally wiped.

While done painting and start to assemble 'em all, something snap, shiet !! Crap !!

This is the connector that broke......

But luckily still can connect it to the part though..only can't pose much now..X(

Almost done ~~ Few more armors goes black then top coating it !

Next day

Nice weather today, good ! Less to no wind weather also. =)

Time to top coat it outdoor !

After that, let the Sun "roast" them for 10 minutes before taking 'em in for assembly.

Except for boosters, the kit itself is partly done now. So cool !

Never thought could do this fast, I mean within a month. Heh ~

Pity my meta-red gundam marker already dried out, so I just use back the meta-green gundam marker to repaint the mono eye back. Much better look.

Now left is boosters. After that to the next step, decal-ling it !



jojosochi said...

Nice job bro, wondering how your clean the chase part. 3rd and 4th picture. just using thinner to wipe the black paint? the gold paint won't remove?

Man.. i like shinaju in black XD

kaymaroo said...

whoaa what a great painting skill, keep up ur work dude

Evaritus Lau said...


No thinner quite risky to remove the gold color as well, use zippo oil to remove enamel-based paint.


Thanks !