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Sunday, January 31, 2010

EXF Version

So, I decide to build my HGUC EXF Qubeley Mk.II instead. Bought it along with HGUC EXF Qubeley almost 2 years ago. ^^;

How I wish it wasn't EXF version, hate those nub marks...

Ok, out-of-the-box:

Well, I like the meta-dark blue though, quite nice actually, can see abit sparkling if look closer.

Identical parts. Meta-blue vs. gloss black. haha.... It's been years Bandai get so lazy to color the runner fully. ^^;

But why this runner has color on the back ? Shiet man.......

Bling2 runner, won't see bling this much when I'm done 'coz going to give a nice flat clear on it. Much easier to panel line afterwards. XD

While middle on building the kit, I notice that the color isn't the same ! I mean look at it, 2 different shade color ! Is it some kind of joke ?! It's totally ruined this kit !

After a while I start to slacking again...haha....

So yesterday went to town to get some nice red paint for the Destroy Mode, along with some others.

Tamiya weathering "makeup" to cover up frosting on Sinanju's thrusters. =)

Still much to learn on hand painting by the way...haha..


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