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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WIP : HG 1/144 Seravee

Sorry for late updating my blog, now I'm back ~ ^^"

Currently I'm fixing my 3rd G00S2's gunpla kit, Seravee. This kit quite nice, in fact the bit cleaning also getting easier.

Ok, so far I've done the head & body with upper shoulder 1st, since the body's color is dark, I can't make the black panel line visible, so I just use meta-green gundam marker into that lines, looks quite good. =)

The head, huh, try to figure out how to paint the meta-red without revealing the painted side, but in the end, it won't be revealed anyway. =D

For the upper shoulder parts I re-scribe those lines with a needle so that my marker could fill in much better without getting rubbed off. :)

Ok that's all for this kit. I try to fix a.s.a.p though, since my backlogs getting increasing day by day.....



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

meta-green gundam marker makes the lining as though the line glows. Interesting!

Evaritus Lau said...

Yeah, bro also think so ? ^ ^

But it's only good on darker parts, not suitable for white parts though. Pity, I was thinking using meta-red on white parts though. =D


Ngee Khiong said...

Wah so fast! I just got my Cherudim the other day. Mr. Bushido's Ahead also haven't arrive here in Kuching.

Evaritus Lau said...

Bushido's Ahead also haven't arrive here as well, only the normal grunt Ahead was. Gosh I can't wait for HG 1/144 0 Raiser & Gn Archer !!