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Saturday, December 6, 2008

HobbyCon 2008 at Komplex Asia City

Finally got the chance, the free time to go to the Hobby Con at K.A.C. Been there around 12pm, so some booth still empty though. (^^")

First stop, figurines ~~ from Moe Yume's booth. And please don't just stare at maid's leg ok ? ^^"

So I take my turn for photography sessions with a SWAT cosplayer.

Ok that 2 pictures are the only picture I took with cosplayer(s). (=.=) Proceed to next one.

Real-life Akatsuki, +

Kenpachi ?! Heh they quite stunning though, those make up sure very details, & thick too. ^^"

Lonely young couples, wonder who they're waiting ar ? (~^^~)

Cute art by local artist, looks good, pity one of the pictures I took is corrupted... =.=

Borneo's B-Boys in-da-house ! Did record their performance but haven't upload 'em yet.

Cutey in cosplayers ~

& everyone's favorite, maids ~

Also, they have card games in this event. Not quite understand how to play 'em. ^^"
Actually they got gaming booth, but it's too over crowded & can't manage to take few pics of 'em, oh well...bad day... =.=

Ok, more cosplayers pics. Enjoy. =)

That's all for now. Haven't decide either going for tomorrow final day or not. We'll see how 1st.



Otacon @ Zulkernain Kurogatou said...

nice event very cool cosplayers too!

yea man those card games are like one of the mysteries of the universe hahaha i hated those card games i really dont know how to play or what its all about.

plus i once saw a boy in my town willingly buy the card for 1.50 sekeping! the tauke mustve cheat on him...cekik darah. pity on his soul hahah

eh wait...the event seems to be missing something...where are all the gunplas?? O.o

Evaritus Lau said...

Oh yeah, um actually no gunpla for display since all still intact within the box though..haha...^^"

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

That's a cool event. Lotz of cosplayers too.