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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Week Best Buy

Okay these 2 kit already been in market just recently, just happen to get my hands on 00 & Cherudim, along with Dengeki Hobby December Issue. Great ~ Next month would be Rasiel's kit as gift from the magazine itself.

The only part was done, body without any panel lines yet.

More updates will come, if I'm not tired after work. cheers !



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

More cool stuff hah!

wish said...

bro...can tell me where to get paints for gundam n issue of degenki hobi in kk a...i oso wan the rasiel

Evaritus Lau said...


Try Animagetoyz, but better bro wait for chinese release at Damai's 1 Station bookstore. 'coz Animagetoyz bro need to pre-order, which at least 2 months ahead of current issues, which mean bro missed getting Jan & Feb issues of Dengeki Hobby Japan ver.

Yes I know it sucks, I've experience such before, which in turn, I found the chinese version of it, together with the stickers.