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Sunday, November 23, 2008

00 WIP almost done. =)

Took me quite a while to sand, paint, re-line panel lines to suit my liking.

GN Drives. Main problem I encountered was meta-green marker can't reach in well, and foil stickers wasn't that big to fill in. Solution? Dig-o-hole in it. ^^"

Got clear blue, but wasn't as I expected it to be. Oh well, least it's still clear blue. =)

The almost done 00. Only left Twin Drive left to assembly. Looks very neat kit. Haven't tried hardcore posing yet, like in dalong.net/

The foil paper I intented to apply inside those 2 cones. ^^" Getting trouble to get the exact size, not still drawing it though...heh.

Picture of hole-d GN Drives.

ANother angle of hole'd GN Drive. ^^

Ok wait me finish this kit, I'll proceed with Cherudim.


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athrun said...

where did you get the green meta foli plastic ?