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Friday, June 6, 2008

Zhang Fei in early stage.

After a while of cement, sanding & re-draw some panel line, decide to put in color on dull-white body without armor one.

Got one bro in a forum says that purple on here is fugly..
But spiky haven't put other color, decide to put meta-plated silver gundam marker, hope will look nicer~
p/s:ignore the hair...^^"

Early stage of Zhang Fei's lance, as obviously anyone can see, didn't put panel lines nicely, still could see few gold line in between the colors, huhu, my bad~

The last part that I did & still don't look good, huh might as well try other method then..=)

OK, I'm currently still WIP on this kit, so wait for new progress on it. Peace.

1 comment:

MyKy said...

Eh ya la... i feel the purple mess up the whole scheme le. Not in harmony..