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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rise of the Giga Emperor.

OK, Painting time !

Used toothpick & a no.1 brush to paint the details, to be more precise, gold !

Manage to salvage another part, which is the body. Moar paint test bed ~

Painted waist part - front skirt.

Painted waist part - back skirt. Details are easier to paint if I have a fine, hard on the tip kind of brush though, still didn't get use to soft brushes.

Anyway, move on.

Nothing much different except moar gold & less gold. Just wanted to have option of body to choose from. =)

The left 1 is painted according to the artwork from the boxart, while the right 1 is balancing color, which looks moar like a emperor's now.

& yeah, I painted all 3 at once to save moar time so that I could work on fixing the excess paints.

I let 'em dried like 30 minutes under a sunny bright sun.....

& here's the pre-assemble of Gigatei Sousou. So far so good, but still I don't like how wrong the proportion of the legs VS the arms... Gawd, need to fix / mod leg's joint then.

A very colorful display of Sousou's gold. So much like a colorful god statues on our ancestor's alter LoLz !! Oh yeah, mind the cat's fur...^^"

"Onore ---!!" is the only pose available for the moment. Please bare my lack of ideas 'coz I'm ran out of brain juice...<=(

Next, on afternoon....

V-fin desu ! This part is what makes this kit an emperor, a crown, a bird crown...(=.=")... Anyway, slap a layer of gold spray after a quick fix on nub marks, pity my black color is finished..if not the gold will shine moar !

A birdie crown = so much like a bird trying to spit fire lolz !

Closer look, meh my digicam can't capture the bling-ness of this crown.

But then, something bad coming fast...

Yare yare...cloudy = rain = humid = frosting.


Lucky got borrow a hairdryer from my sis, blow a while the crown... But I get carried away, gave another layer of semi gloss white pearl on the crown..

...which resulting of frosting-look of crown. Great, well done me. =.="

Although, on 2nd thought, it does look different yet nice. Haha...

The most visible area to spot frosting. The beak. Luckily I've did sword to make it looks sooooooo marvelous !

A nice semi gloss silver + gold never fails to impress myself !

Still figure it out what should I use to paint the holder, since it will eventually scratched...

Maika ~ The sword itself already look nice, so I shall think of something later on.



ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...


lots of bling-bling~!

Anonymous said...

Nice gold spray! I gonna get my myself in hardware shop, need putty as well!