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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MG RF - Details on the leg is crazy.

20th post within a month ~

Achievements get !(LoLz Xbox 360 ads..)

Like my previous commision work on MG BF 2nd Revise, the 1st most annoying repeated parts are for legs.

Look at it, it has the most parts of all areas. Lucky most of it has undergate compared to normal gates that needs to be sand off instead of just knife it off.

Example how I marker washed those panel lines. haha...^^"

More examples. Before & after. =D

Just when I start to fix the right leg's parts, I notice the part E36 can't fit in...


Luckily can place it correctly...whew..but waste abit of time..

Anyway, waiting for some of the paint to dry so that it's safe to touch 'em. After that, flat top coat to secure those panel lines.



mangyver5223 said...

m......good idea in panel lining

Anonymous said...

There's so much to panel lining it! O_O I plan on getting one too.

Evaritus Lau said...


Wait it dry then wipe. Much better result. ^^


Panel wash would be a good idea, but afraid it would crack the frames though...to be safe, get these kind of gundam marker brush tip then.