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Monday, March 8, 2010

Part 2 of Sonken

Well, late post 'coz this kit is almost done since last week, boo my lazyness hahaha....

Anyway, Sonken now has completed, left some touch up or so, & paint the transparent blue parts.

Mostly color scheme is followed from the box illustration + abit from my liking style.

Filled the enormous holes on the left palm with the runners cut into small piece, cement it, sand it 'til the surface is flat enough & apply some Tamiya basic putty to cover up small uneven to finish it up. Primer 'em & spray a coat of Tamiya Gun Metal. Cool.

Well, I'm run out of ink for panel lining, all that left was the 0.3, which kinda big, but for this part where there's some paint spill out, yeah it covered 'em all nicely. =)

Shoulder armors, painted & modded.

See the difference ? 1 part has black as base color, 1 doesn't. LoLz. & the putty work also lousy, all thanks to the polycaps inside. Good news is that it can inserted very firmly, unlike the usual C joint mod that I always do.

Helm + fin. Somehow this helm design reminds of old BB Knight gundam though..well maikka ~

Tons of oh-I-forgot-to cover-up at the black visor area, so rough surface. Haha.....(swt)

The weapon. The original version can fold, but in my case, folding weapon means more trouble to paint, so I end up superglue it, now left some putty work to cover the big big line on the blade. Hopefully looks nicely like that....

Speaking of multiple Sonken, here's the other 2 ~

Fully hardware spray can a.k.a Bosny. LoLz. That time there's aren't any Mr. Hobby spray can to do with, so I satisfy myself with this gold instead. ^^' But the weapon's blade is still bling2 wor, using Bosny Chrome Silver spray can, although abit blurry, but it still reflects its shine-ness ~

& this is from my forum buddy Edwin from S'pore, this kit has travelled far distance to end up here...LoLz ! He's halfway work, but the kit still amaze me when I had it on me that time...because the gold is too bling2, envy envy.....

Think I'll turn this kit into fully gold, just like in the comic strip where Sonken 1st time awaken & rode the Tengyoukugai version of Dendrobium Orchis.(Wah going to get another to paint according Gogaitei color version lor...hahaha...)

Currently still stick up decals for the MG BF 2nd Revise, so might took quite awhile to finish this kit 1st anyway.



Anonymous said...

Seriously, like the gold part! You sprayed it or coloured it or paint it? XD Anyway, keep it up!

Evaritus Lau said...

Bigger part I spray it, smaller detail I hand paint it. =)

Anonymous said...

I see. I only use gundam marker gold. Wanted to try hand paint too.

Evaritus Lau said...

Get the Mr.Hobby #9 Gold & a bottle of leveling thinner, + some very fine brushes. =)

Anonymous said...