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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working on kit : MG Sinanju Pt. 2

OK, continued where I left last time. ~~

GOsh, my gold gundam marker really making some fuzz, look at result, crappy ! Must give another layer after an hour.

Close-up. Sorry for blur-a-bit pic. But the crappy gold still visible. Sheez.....

As I mention before, I did spray a Samurai RR Red on the red armors. Result is like that. Huhu ~~

Somehow the gold on collar part much better, how ya all say ?

More pipes spotted ! Like Ngee Khiong, I also going to paint those pipes, with meta-red X gold gundam marker. Meh this is nice !

More painted pipes.

Close-up. Haven't clean the excess yet 'coz waiting for the marker to dry 1st.
While fixing this kit, I notice that this kit's ABS parts is quite soft, easily sand off those nibs wor. Another good point for Sinanju !



Stranger said...

Great work there!!!..just wanna know that after applying the top coat on the kit, will it be a big different from the ori?

Evaritus Lau said...

Thanks ! Em, think the difference is the surface though & depend what top coat bro using with. (In my case, my Mr. Super Clear Gloss failed on me... =.=")

Stranger said...

Oh icic... hrmm.thinkking of buying a top coat(matte/semi gloss) to try out. anyway im from kk, sabah. Its been great reading this blog..im enjoying it... cheers

Evaritus Lau said...

Hehe glad bro enjoy reading my humble blog. ^^

Which part of KK bro are ? Go buy top coats at ats while stock last, or bro could try hardware spray cans, for better result find the Samurai brand, think any motorbike workshop got sell o.

MyKy said...

lol your gold looks good!
mine i gotta repaint after i've done everything.. Moved a bit too much lately (cos too excited ma!) XD

MyKy said...
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Stranger said...

I live in kingfisher.I did try some spray can from the hardware shop, the result is consider ok ok onli. thinking of doing top coat to the kit without spraying..jus wanna get rid of the plastic look from the kit.The Samurai brand ure saying, i will try it out..thx bro