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Thursday, February 5, 2009

WIP : HG 1/144 Arios

A new month starts another new kit in progress. =D This time I'm fixing this "viewtiful" kit, Arios. As you can see, I've done almost all except arms & weaponry, which will come afterwards.

Bird view from the top Pringles. ^^"

Close-up on the head. This is one cool v-fin I ever fix ~ ! The red sensor I just slap some meta-red gundam marker since the sticker inside is ruined when fixing that part. Oh well, it just make this kit more cooler. =)

Leg's thrusters. Nothing appeals me more with meta-green gundam marker here. Heh ~

I haven't mention that there isn't any single sticker on this kit right ? Even on this, quite-annoyed side to paint, although the color just slightly different, but overall is nice ~ Haha. I just use yellow spray can followed by clear orange for this effect. Thanks to me gf who telling me the right way to paint this part, love you dear ~ !

At 1st I was thought that, "hey how about I put some trans-am effect on it ?", turns out to be only few side will look nice with meta-red gundam marker, after I while I change my mind, "only few parts' details" are painted in meta-red in the end, which looks quite good actually.

Ok, here's the last pic. Going to continue fix + paint the kit, think if could done by tonight I'll post the progress tonight also. For the mean time, sayonara ~~



Anonymous said...

Hohoho,Cannot believed I am faster than u,I oredi fixed and painted My Arios,GN Archer and Gadessa.I hate the Orange Sticker on the leg,I am getting an orange gundam marker.

Evaritus Lau said...

Actually I'm not fixing this kit that fast, prefer take my time doing it. & yeah bro won't find the exact orange color from gundam marker, believe me.


Otacon said...

man... bro, im so jealous at your marking skills here. the painting is so neat and perfect. Great job! ^^

Evaritus Lau said...

Haha, thnx for the compliment. But yeah we all learn on the process ba.


Raoul said...

SO what paint did you use i'm thinking Tamiya yellow flat(XF3 or X8)& clear Orange(X26).Am i right?