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Friday, February 20, 2009

Decaling : for better or worse.

Whew ~ it's been 2-3 days just decaling Unicorn with Ver.ka's own trademark, Lots of Warning Signs !! Gah, think my eyes started blurred already.... =.=" From picture below you could see that only left leg haven't decal yet, yeah....dang tired eh...
Posed with Unicorn's weaponry. I could only say sweet at this moment. =D

Ok, notice the suppose-it's-red-psychoframe ? I like how it opened up, but not the red anymore 'coz I painted black already. I have no love with NT-D mode anymore now, unless got people give me another Unicorn to build then I have love with that fragile-to-transform mode. =D

For leg, there's alot of references taken from both Dengeki & HJ, cement a part or 2 to make sure it stay like that. Well, I followed some though, which turns out very good, no more hassle pop-out armor, all stick together ~

Ok think after done decaling this kit pretty much is done, so I'm gonna resume my Sinanju 1st. Heh.


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Anonymous said...

Aiyo...too bad you cannot pose the MS in destroy mode. That I think its even sweeter. I think I would not do any modification if I were to tackle difficult kits. Better build it nice and clean..like Fudoushin's.